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Please wear comfortable workout attire. Avoid loose-fitted clothing that may get entangled in the aerial equipment. Avoid all metal fixtures, button, zippers, and snaps. Please remove all jewelry from hands and wrists as well as any dangly earrings. Layers are always nice for warm-up and cool down periods.
You must be 13+ to take Intro to Aerial Movement, Aerial 1, and Aerial 2. Kids Aerial is designed for ages 8-12.
There is no weight limit.
Yes, it is recommended that you take Intro first.
No, everyone starts somewhere! Some students have a greater climb to get in great aerial shape. The most important factor in success is a good attitude and a commitment to your training.
Classes have a maximum of 10 students, so early registration is key to securing your spot!
Please park on the SOUTH BORDER of the gravel lot north of Cirque Indy on Fulton Street on the west side of the street. It is a gravel lot with fencing around it. IF you are facing the SOUTH Border of the lot, Fulton Street will be to your left.
We ask that you kindly cancel your registration 12 or more hours before the start of the class. If you fail to cancel within this time period, we cannot return your class credit or payment. If you continue to miss classes without withdrawing you may lose online booking privilege or be subject to additional fees.
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